Client Testimonials

I found you online in near desperation after my Union had let me down badly and other solicitors I spoke with either weren’t interested or wanted to just charge me on an hourly rate.  From the first contact I felt understood, supported and more hopeful about my case than I’d been in a long time.   You provided me with outstanding service in both case preparation and advocacy in the hearing. I came to see it is essential that lawyers are present for representation in regulatory hearings and anything less is an enormous risk.  The difference that you have made to me and my wife’s lives, due to the outcome of the case, is hard to overstate.

It was enlightening to me to have an outside legal perspective and it made a massive difference in my outlook and outcome.  Schools can be horribly introspective and claustrophobic places and speaking to you was a breath of fresh air.”

The first phone call helped hugely to get some perspective.  It was a lifeline through the depression.”

Dealing with these agencies is bewildering and frustrating at best and you provided much needed support – and not least understanding – at just the right time.   I went from simply another ‘case number’ in the eyes of the DBS and others to a person with a right to be heard, one with a point of view , emboldened to put it forward.  This is quality, humane legal representation.

You know the ins and outs of the system and really put me at ease.  My previous solicitor didn’t have a clue .”

“Lawyers for Teachers represented me under their agreement with my union over three years, from soon after I was acquitted in Crown Court of serious but completely false allegations.  First, they successfully rebutted attempts by the DBS to bar me and by the Teaching Regulation Agency to make an interim prohibition order.  Then they took my case for unfair dismissal to the Employment Tribunal.  Finally they obtained the dismissal of the TRA proceedings. 

Throughout these three processes they offered tremendous and first-class legal support.  Colin was realistic about potential pitfalls and complications around Employment law.  He always dealt with emails and tasks quickly and efficiently and constantly chased third parties if they did not adhere to his high standards.  He was always on hand to deal with any concerns or problems I had.  His planning for the Employment Tribunal process was excellent, ensuring I was fully prepared for the ordeal.

Andrew’s skillful representation during the Tribunal ensured all witnesses had the appropriate integration and the documentation produced for the Hearing ensured the Judge was completely aware of all the facts and the evidence produced by both parties.  This enabled a successful outcome and negotiation of a satisfactory compensation payment.

I would highly recommend The Reflective Practice to represent any teacher or head teacher who is experiencing legal issues.”

“Your professionalism (as well as patience, insight and humanity) has shone through the whole case. He has been a wise and yet kind guide throughout the entire process. I could not have wished for a more skilled counsel – thank you.”


“You have done an immense amount for me, and it is abundantly clear to me that there is no way I would have been able to prove my innocence without your forensic and methodical approach to sifting through all the documents, highlighting the pertinent ones, guiding me through the lonely legal process of being accused, but also (and perhaps most importantly!) the human kindness with which you supported me through the past 12 months.  I will forever be in your debt.  You helped me save my career and good name – thank you.”

“Clients like me just need continual reassurance and from the barrister this can be powerful.  I felt supported throughout this process and saw how an experienced barrister worked to ensure that he developed my case in order for the panel to understand my concerns.”

I felt that at every stage my case was expertly handled.  There were times when the gallows humour helped me to keep grave matters in perspective.  I really appreciated the candour Andrew showed – he never misled me about what was ahead and how difficult it would be but I always felt reassured by his confidence and grip on my situation.”

Very knowledgeable and experienced professionals whose expertise of the regulatory process was invaluable.

It was clear that you were well informed, clear sighted and tenacious. I particularly appreciated the kindness and empathy with which I was treated.”

“Couldn’t have had a better team representing and supporting me – really excellent – eternally grateful.”

“We were especially grateful for the opportunity to meet up and discuss the case with Andrew and for his determination in locating a psychologist.  The communication and teamwork …. left us feeling that we were in the best possible hands.”

“During a very stressful period of time, the support and advice you provided was invaluable.  Thank you.”

“Very supportive, spent the time needed to really understand the case.  Defined, explained and carried through a clear strategy.  Personable, down to earth and engaged.”

“I was very impressed with the professional and emotional support offered to my wife and family over a long and stressful period.”


“With my case, I worked extremely closely with Colin Henderson and found him to be very supportive and professional. He was robust in his questioning of me, ensuring he obtained all the facts needed.  He ensured he was available at any time I needed, and would always offer his advice and guidance whilst not “”sugar coating”” anything.  I trust his judgement implicitly.  Colin has a sympathetic understanding and he clearly feels very passionate about the cases he works on to ensure the best outcome for his client.  Whilst I knew he had many other cases ongoing alongside my own, I never felt sidelined once.

Whilst I only met Andrew Faux on one occasion, but I also found him extremely professional, kind and supportive.  I cannot recommend The Reflective Practice highly enough and I cannot ever thank The Reflective Practice enough for everything, I am truly grateful for all you did to help and guide me through undoubtedly the worst experience of my life.”

“I have thought about it and can’t think of any constructive criticism.  You went well beyond the call of duty on my case I felt!”