Our Charges

We know affording specialist lawyers can be difficult for teachers.

Our first consultation via email or telephone is always free.  Our standard private rate is currently £175 per hour but this is not open-ended.  We usually agree capped budgets in advance for each stage of the casework, so if our actual hours worked are greater than we estimated you do not pay any more.

We tend to complete regulatory and DBS cases within budgets of £5k – £20k (plus VAT) for our private clients.  At the low end of that range is a mitigation case where the facts are admitted.  At the other is a two week hearing where everything is in dispute.  Most cases lie somewhere in between. 

Employment cases in the education sector are increasingly technical and when fought against schools and Trusts who are insured usually go all the way to a contested trial so costs are £10 – £40k (plus VAT). 

Sadly, legal aid is no longer available for our areas of legal practice.  Cover for legal costs may exist through existing home or car insurance but we no longer accept instructions using that method of funding.  More information about legal insurance options is on the Legal Choices website.


How we work to keep your costs down:

  • We promise never to charge for work which you can and want to do yourself with our guidance.  Whilst we know the law and the processes, you remain the expert on your own situation and we can provide as little or as much assistance as you need to state your case effectively.
  • We never argue unnecessary points.  Professionals in distress are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by representatives who litigate optimistically.  In contrast we will focus on the core issues and advise clearly on what can and cannot be achieved.
  • Rather than maintain expensive offices we work flexibly using email and video calls as standard, plus Cornwall Street Barristers’ premises in Birmingham as required, to provide national coverage to our clients.
  • You will receive our expert lawyers’ personal attention at a competitive cost.
  • We will also bill you regularly so costs never get out of hand.